Work with SP Online, Office 365 groups and PNP Provisioning - PNP Powershell in Office 365

Thanks for everyone who joined us for the Getting Started with Live webinar live session.

Here’s a closer look at what you’ll learn:

  1. Getting started with PNP Powershell
  2. Work with SharePoint Online
  3. Work with office 365 groups
  4. PNP Powershell as provisioning Engine
  5. Real world governance scenarios
  6. Q and A

Getting Started with PNP Powershell.pdf

Advanced Powershell Training:

We are announcing advanced developer training on Powershell. Please find the details below.

  • 4 live sessions on Powershell.
  • SharePoint governance project.
  • SharePoint On-premises migration to SPO activities.
  • We will be creating 10 scripts for you- valid for First 5 people who Joins the Training
  • Private Facebook Group.

As a thank you note, we wanted to provide 25% discount for the people who joins the Advanced Training today(Oct/30 2019) by 11:59 PM IST.

CLICK HERE to Join Advanced Powershell Training

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