Beginning with SharePoint Online - (New Module Added)

Begin with SharePoint Online and Learn how to build solutions for business problems.

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Online training program for beginners on SharePoint Online (Office 365) features and help them to build solution for business problems

The goal of this course is for the beginner to get started with how to use out of the box(OOB) SharePoint features and build applications on your own using SharePoint online just using OOB features.

"When i started with SharePoint, i am not sure what is purpose of various features available in this product because SharePoint provide lot of features and we get lost sometimes which one use for our requirements. If you just starting with SharePoint and If you felt the same then this course is for you".

You can build various types of applications using different features given by the product. It is important to understand which features suites for your application. That is where we thought it would better to build an application and show you these concepts so that you can build other type of applications with the help of this course.

You will learn the different features of SharePoint Online by building a simple leave request system.Once you go through this course you can build many applications like this, we will be giving different assignment so that by the end of this course you can build this application along with us.

We believe that to learn any concept it is always better you understand the capability of what this product can do for you instead of learning the concepts.

Why you should join this course?

These days if your company or client using using SharePoint Online(Office 365) then you will be working mostly with various features available in this product. SharePoint online(Office 365) remains most powerful product when it comes to collaboration where people in the organization uses this their main communication tool for completing the projects. Learning SharePoint online in a proper, structured way can not only help you save time, but it will also help you become better at your job and can give you time to focus on things and people that matter.

While we can argue that SharePoint can be learned by reading help and visiting blogs like, it also takes good amount of time if you use that method. I am sure there are thousands of useful, free and fun articles on learning SharePoint across Internet. It would take almost 6 months if you read one article a day to master some of the core concepts of SharePoint online. Even then you may not know some important things.

That is why I designed Beginning with SharePoint Online course. This is a structured program with 6 modules, each module contains several videos and also help you to build a sample application so that you be more confident in your work and projects you will be working.

Your Instructor

Devendra Velegandla
Devendra Velegandla

I am Devendra Velegandla, five time Microsoft MVP from 2014 to July 2019 and I was Microsoft certified trainer. I am a SharePoint/Office 365 lead developer having more than 12 years of experience working with Microsoft technologies. I've taught more than 1,000 students. As a trainer and developer i have working on lot of SharePoint Projects with multiple customers. Now i am working with one of the biggest MNC and supporting and helping largest companies across the world to move to SharePoint Online.

But things weren’t always so sweet. Back when I started learning and working on SharePoint it was not so easy because i donot know what to read and what to study and more importantly how to develop solutions for a particular requirement we get.

I’m grateful every day for this SharePoint journey school and community I’ve created online.

What are the Topics covered in SharePoint Online for Beginners?

This course have 10 modules. In each module we explain the concepts and demos and everything what relevant for the module.Together we will build sample Leave Request system in SharePoint Online.

While building the application, you will learn concepts below

Module 1: Getting Started with SharePoint

- You learn what is SharePoint

- You learn how to setup Office 365 tenant

Module 2: Site collection and Sub site

- You learn what is site collection, considerations of creating site collection and how to create a site collection.

- you learn what is sub site, considerations of creating sub site and how to create sub site

Module 3: Security in SharePoint

- You will learn different terminologies related to security

- You will learn about permission levels, how to create custom permission levels.

- You will learn about SharePoint Groups, how to create SharePoint groups and how to add users to groups

Module 4: Lists and Libraries

- You will learn what is a List and Library

- You will learn Different List Settings available

- You will learn what are alerts in Lists

- You will learn how to work with quick Edit

- You will learn how to add List web parts to a Page

- You will learn what is List and Library Templates

Module 5: List Columns and Site Columns

- You will learn what are List columns and how to create them and when you create those

- You will learn how to modify list columns

- You will learn what are site columns and how to create site columns

Module 6: Advanced Columns

- You will learn what are different types of advanced columns

- You will learn when to create a Choice column, Look up column and Managed metadata columns

Module 7: Content Types and Views

- You will learn what are content types

- You will learn how to create content type, associating the content type to List

- You will learn what are considerations while creating the content type

- You will learn Inheritance in content type and other settings

- You will learn difference between List content types and Site Content types

Module 8: Build Workflows - coming soon

- You will learn how to build workflows using SharePoint Designer

- You will learn how to build a sample approval workflow

Module 9: Modern Lists and Libraries

- You will learn what are the improvements in Modern Libraries and Lists.

- You will learn new features like Move/Copy, Details Pane, Adding columns etc.

- You will learn the differences between classic Library and Modern Library

- You will learn the differences between classic List and Modern List

How will you watch it?

Immediately after purchasing, you’ll be sent a private link from where you can jump in and start the course immediately.

Course Curriculum

  Module 1 : Getting Started with SharePoint (6 minutes 6 Seconds)
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  Hub sites, Office 365 Groups and Powershell in Office 365
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