SharePoint Online Development

step by step training for beginners on how to build solutions in SharePoint Online

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SharePoint Online Development is a structured and comprehensive online training program for learning how to build solutions in SharePoint Online (Office 365). In this training along with concepts you will learn how to build a Project.

The aim of SharePoint Journey School is to make beginners become productive and awesome in SharePoint.

You will get more than 8 HOURS of training on SharePoint Online development. Each module is focused entirely on step-by-step of one topic. Assignments with each module to hold yourself accountable.

Why should you join SharePoint Online Development?

If you’ve been looking for options to learn SharePoint Online using blogs or watching videos on YouTube, then you know how frustrating it can be to grow your skills.

When you working on the company which uses SharePoint, you would like to prove your expertise. This will help you to take interviews confidently and get into new opportunities.

If you wanted to be an expert in SharePoint development and start taking SharePoint development projects, but you are not sure how?

You watched other people getting into new roles and opportunities but even with your best effort you are not able to progress due to lack of real-world skills.

Yeah, I get it. And I’ve been there. Now with the experience of working in different projects helped to understand SharePoint better. Now i can attend the interview confidently and present my self in a better because of skills i got over the years in a hard way like reading hundreds of blog posts, watching a lot of you tube videos.

Now, you don't have to do all those things to learn SharePoint.

While we can argue that SharePoint Online Development can be learned by reading help and visiting blogs like SharePoint-Journey.com, it also takes a good amount of time if you use that method.

Today, there are over 300 articles, tutorials, and examples on SharePoint-journey.com explaining almost every aspect of SharePoint. I am sure there are thousands of useful, free and fun articles on learning SharePoint across the Internet. It would take almost 6 months if you read one article a day to master some of the core concepts of SharePoint. Even then you may not know some important things.

That is why I designed SharePoint Online Development Program. This is a structured program with 8 topics. Each topic contains several videos for you to learn the concepts in detail. This is an intense, focused and clearly defined program to help you learn SharePoint Online Development in the useful and smart way.

I know how difficult when we are with a limited technology in LTD companies, only one answer to this question "Why a particular technology(SharePoint) is difficult to learn ?" is finding a proper mentor. Who said SharePoint is complicated? Anyone feels SharePoint is difficult just trust me and get training under the guidance of Mr.Devendra Velegandla. I strongly recommend Devendra was one the exceptional trainer and knowledgeable person. We don’t find any trainer with soft-spoken and calm.

- Satish

What Topics are Covered in training?

Module 1

JavaScript and JQuery Basics

  • You will learn some of the foundation for client side development.
  • You will learn about functions, variables and Objects.
  • You will learn about how to debug JavaScript code which is very important for any developer to learn.

JQuery in SharePoint

  • You will learn how to get started with JQuery
  • You will understand basic Idea behind the JQuery
  • You will learn how to use the existing documentation and develop solutions
  • You will learn how to work with JQuery Selectors
  • You will learn how to work with SharePoint List fields to show/hide, make it read only using Jquery

Module 2:


  • You will learn what is REST
  • You will learn how to Build REST URI
  • You will learn how to use Postman tool to build your REST queries

JSOM, CSOM in SharePoint

  • You will learn how to interact with SharePoint Objects remotely
  • You will learn how to work fiddler to analyze the requests
  • You will learn how to analyze the performance of the requests
  • You will learn how to perform the basic operations using JSOM

Module 3

SharePoint Add-in Development

  • You will learn why SharePoint Add-ins
  • You will learn how to develop your first Add-in
  • You will learn what is advantages of strict mode in JS

JSOM and REST in SharePoint hosted add-in

  • You will learn how to upgrade Add-in
  • You will learn how to develop real world application
  • You will learn how to debug the Add-ins

Module 4

CSOM in Provider hosted add-in

  • You will learn how to create Azure web app
  • You will learn how to build a basic Add-in
  • You will learn how to deploy the Add-in in Azure

Angular Basics

  • You will learn how to get started with Angular
  • You will learn what is Module, controller in Angular
  • You will learn how to use angular in Add-ins
  • You will learn how to Debug Angular in Add-ins
  • You will learn get data from SharePoint List
  • You will learn how to troubleshoot issues

Module 5

Tools for SharePoint Online Development

  • You will learn how to work with Node.Js and NPM tools
  • You will learn how to use Gulp to concat, minify Javascrip files
  • You will learn how to use quick install package in Visual Studio 2015

Developing Workflows using Visual Studio – Part 1
  • You will learn why workflows
  • You will learn history and Challenges of workflows
  • You will learn workflow architecture in SharePoint 2013
  • You will learn some of the common development activities using visual studio like retrieve list item properties, get user detail.
  • You will learn how to build your first Approval workflow.

Module 6

Developing Workflows using Visual Studio – Part 2

  • You will learn how to customize task forms using Visual Studio 2015
  • You will learn how to develop custom Statem machine workflow
  • You will learn how to build custom Initiation form, Association forms using Visual Studio 2015

Module 7

  • You will learn how to build custom composed looks
  • You will learn how to build a custom masterpage
  • You will learn how to build a custom page Layouts
  • You will learn different Branding Tools available
  • You will learn how to use Developer tools to Brand your SharePoint site


Bonus#1: Setup Development environment to practice SharePoint Online

Bonus #2: Access to developers Community

Bonus 3: Develop Real World application

Build a real-world application in Office 365 using latest approaches.

What do you get in this Training

  • More than 8 hours of content on SharePoint Online (Office 365) Development
  • Free Bonus to Private forums to interact with other members
  • Access to future updates to this training
  • Access to 12 months membership
  • Free Bonus on how to create development environment
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Devendra helps create an environment where learning, creating and modifying SharePoint applications seems easy for a person with zero SharePoint knowledge. He also helped me in learning and creation of several sharepoint contents and ability to write workflows into multiple lists and libraries. I am more productive and proficient after taking his SharePoint classes for 2 months.

- Abhiram

Thank you for your personal concern for me and fellow students who are in the class. I appreciate that you helped me to grow in more than one dimension (Admin, Development, and Support). I would like to thank you for all the references you quoted and the assignments you gave us to think about that in a multi-directional way. I still remembered the concepts you taught us and the examples you quoted us for solving complex solutions.Thank you, Devendra for all stuff you taught and made us grow more dynamically day by day.

- Vamsi

Your Instructor

Devendra Velegandla
Devendra Velegandla

I am Devendra Velegandla, four time Microsoft MVP and Microsoft certified trainer. I am a SharePoint/Office 365 lead developer having more than 10 years of experience working with Microsoft technologies. I've taught more than 1,000 students. As a trainer and developer i have working on lot of SharePoint Projects with multiple customers. Now i am working with one of the biggest MNC and supporting and helping largest companies across the world to move to SharePoint Online.

But things weren’t always so sweet. Back when I started learning and working on SharePoint it was not so easy because i donot know what to read and what to study and more importantly how to develop solutions for a particular requirement we get.

I’m grateful every day for this SharePoint journey school and community I’ve created online.

Class Curriculum

  Sample Application: Recruitment System
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  Bonus - Time Management Tips
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days after you enroll

I have been spending a few months trying to find a good online course about SharePoint development until I found SharePoint Journey School. Devendra’s approach to explain concepts and to apply the explained concepts & knowledge to the practical projects is very clear, easy to follow and hitting the right points straight away. After joining the school for almost two weeks, I learned a lot from the course “SharePoint Online (Office 365) Development”, and about to apply what I have learned to a real project that has just been assigned to me. This is a first major SharePoint development project for me, so I am glad that I have SharePoint Journey School with me to get guidance along the way. It will be fun and exciting. The courses in SharePoint Journey School are unlike lots of other courses, and Devendra is very dedicated and focused on presenting the course content properly and also helping students with improving skills as much & quickly as possible. He always responded to my emails in a timely manner. I appreciate that. Highly recommend SharePoint Journey School to SharePoint developers or other developers who are seriously willing to develop career opportunities in SharePoint.

- Zhang